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rufus xavier sarsaparilla
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most of the arcade video games are done, in the house and ready to go. i switched over four to use tokens so 10 of the games will use 'em and three will be set on free play. wish i could get all of 'em on tokens but two of the free play games have technical issues i have not yet dealt with and one is an after-market multi-game that doesn't allow the use of credits of any sort.

in the morning i'll have to find the perfect spot to set up the spiffy new token dispenser. and thanks to someone special i'll be able to stack a bunch of Chuck E. Cheese token cups on top for people to use. yay! it's the little things that make me happy.

just in case anyone cares about the game list for tomorrow, it's:

Galaga 88
Williams multi-game (Robotron, Joust, Bubbles, Splat!)
60-in-1 multi-game
Neo Geo w/ 138-in-1 cart
Time Pilot
Mortal Kombat
Ms. Pacman
Top Speed

ok, i'm not entirely done as i have a few minor things to fix or change on Gorf and i'm going to try to rebuild the Tempest spinner tomorrow while watching the boy (daycare is closed, of course,) but overall it's not too bad of a list of stuff to do.

Christmas happened. only 364 shopping days until next year.

i feel a bit guilty because quite a few of my friends, and a lot of those still posting to LJ, seem to be having a tough time of it lately. things here are actually going fairly well.

magentabee and i had some time to spend together today. after she did a morning stint at the Auburn Food Bank we hit the Lakewood 15 for a matinee of "Voyage of the Dawn Treader." well done and it seems faithful, but now i'm going to have to go back and reread the book to put my mind at ease about several things that didn't seem quite right. and crap, when did a matinee become $8?

afterward we stopped by a local credit union to open a joint account. we've been meaning to consolidate our banking for a long time (it should help our finances to know what we're both spending,) and i want to get away from Chase due to their increasingly crappy service and increasingly high fees. Washington Mutual certainly wasn't perfect but their banking was a whole lot better and i miss them. the only reason i've stuck with Chase this long has been for the convenience factor of a plethora of branches and some really great hours (Fred Meyer locations open Saturdays until 4!) but the latest series of fee hikes has me drawing the line and closing my accounts after 15+ years.

then we picked up Sebastian and took him to Chuck E. Cheese as a surprise. not many traditional video games but a lot of the redemptions now feature LCD screens. the boy found a few that he loved like a kid-sized basketball hoop, a game where you shoot pin pong balls into a moving frog, and of course Skeeball. there's a Skeeball machine for sale at a local arcade for cheap and if i had anywhere to put it i'd already own it but alas it takes up huge amounts of space (10 feet long, even without a few for clearance to stand.) maybe i'll have to redo my plans and turn the whole garage into a game room...

just a reminder that we're doing our annual New Year's party. we haven't settled on food yet but in the past we've done "open fryer" (whatever appetizers can be easily fried,) and fresh pizza which both worked quite well. we will also have some soda and alcohol but not a huge amount of either, so please feel free to bring some along with snacks.

the arcade games will be up; i'm shooting for 18 if i can build a cover for the back deck. we'll also have movies and Wii should it come to that.

since we serve drinks and we kick our own poor boy out to the grandparents we ask that you leave your children at home. our friends have been known to get a bit racy as well.

let me know if you're interested in coming over or stopping by so i can give you the address and i can get an approximate head count to plan out the food.

90 minute wait for a bus then 6 hours on it to get home. whee!

i think between the weather and Tonya feeling ill we're scrapping plans to volunteer at the food bank in the morning to pack Thanksgiving meals. and we'll probably keep the boy home even if daycare is open so we don't have to drive any more than necessary.


in other news, i had to try the new Bacon Bacon Bacon pizza from Papa Murphy's. very bacon, and therefore pretty good, but i prefer some of their other pizzas more. ah, well, even with bacon you can't win 'em all.

something crawled under our house and died. an opossum, in fact. i'd noticed a slight but persistent rotting odor the last couple of days but after eliminating any of the usual suspects (garbage, cat box, lost food, dirty dishes or laundry or boy,) it was still there. so last night i braved the dark under the house and not far from the entrance to the [rather roomy] crawlspace was a lump of grey fur that wasn't running away in fright. magentabee joined me in the adventure, holding the bag as i rolled up the lifeless opossum inside and disposed of the plastic vapor barrier the it had presumed to pass away upon.

later this week i'll have to get some plastic to replace the vapor barrier i removed as well as some screening material to block the vents in the foundation that the possum had used to get in. i might as well replace the filter for the heater while i'm down there too.

whee! the joys of home-ownership. one of those [relatively rare] times i wish i was renting.

- LJ with Firefox seems to be closing the log in window before i can manage to get logged in and i can't find an alternate place to log in from on the site. Explorer seems to be working fine but IE makes me vaguely cranky.

- Sebastian is potty trained. whoo-hoo! he's still having the occasional accident, mostly at night, but it's been more and more rare as time goes on and he's been great during the day, both at school and at home. he's also willing to use bathrooms anywhere we are when we're out.

of course, he hasn't had to use a pit toilet yet. heh. that'll be fun.

i'm eating a Hungry Man, a.k.a. the Bachelor's Dinner because once again i'm home much too late to enjoy a meal with my family, or even a few moments in their awakened presence. but such is the life when i'm pulling a 70-hour week, which, as luck would have it, is all for the same employer and therefore fulled to the brim with overtime hours. unfortunately, i missed out on the awesome 70+ degree day wherein i would have much preferred to be out riding my bike, or hiking, or sitting on the beach, or really almost anything besides setting up a/v gear in a hotel ballroom for an unappreciative client.

with the dry weather and continuing advancement in age (and therefore the ability to walk longer distances and basic discipline to do things like not randomly run out into the road,) i took Sebastian trick-or-treating in Steilacoom with his friend Charlie. we didn't hit too many houses but he still came home with a respectable haul. i had to race home from work to make it in time, but grandma was kind enough to babysit for us here at our place so we could leave right after i got to the house and we made it with time to spare.

magentabee had to work late so she couldn't join us. fortunately she had the forethought to pick up a big bag of candy on the way home just in case we got a few kids stopping by our place. despite the fact that she didn't make it until after seven we gave out the majority of it; at least 80 kids by her estimation. this was the first year either of us were home on Halloween (the previous two we've done the "mall trick-or-treat" thing,) and we were surprised at how many kids came by. next year we may just stay in the neighborhood, and i might have to drag out some real decorations to make the place look more festive and inviting.

i saved a 25" monitor today. finished making repairs tonight after cleaning the guns with my rejuvenator yesterday and bam! it fired right up with a nice picture.

of course, then i go fuck around with another monitor and now it won't sync right (essentially, i can't adjust the vertical or horizontal hold to keep the picture from scrolling.) since it was working before and the picture pops in and out when i mess with the sync connectors, i'm fairly certain that the problem is a bad solder joint or header pin. easy repair but i've got to pull the monitor out of the machine and take it apart to get to the chassis to do the fix. gah. it never ends, of course.

i also cleaned a lot of the garage and loaded up the van for a run to the dump tomorrow morning before i go to work. even more awesome, i managed to get three project games into it out from under the tent-barn-thingy, and i even have some room to work around them. and to top it off i mowed the lawn before it started to rain.

now i just wish i could sleep.

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