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rufus xavier sarsaparilla
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April 2012
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rufus xavier sarsaparilla [userpic]
CL-211 FINE Cartridge

today did not go as planned as i was going to unload the van and get some other stuff worked on. tried to donate blood due to an emergency call from PSBC but that didn't work out (stopped flowing after just a bit and couldn't get it restarted; still have to wait the 56 days until i try again.) drove to Oly to donate, so i had lunch at the Main Street Chinese Buffet in Lacey afterward. not nearly as good as i remember and quite inferior to the Great Wall Buffet not far from my house. found they've changed the packaging on the cheap dress shirts i usually buy at Walmart so i don't know if i bought the right one or not. not feeling well so i canceled plans to see friends tonight, though i may fill that time in with the new Doctor since it's available on demand.

one bright spot was that i did match some screws to repair a Nintendo coin mech which'll be donated to for the NW Pinball and Gameroom Show raffle Donkey Kong machine. all of 38 cents at Tacoma Screw, and that's for twice the amount of hardware i actually needed (i bought two different types since there was no exact duplicate.) i also made the other Nintendo coin mech fit into my newish DK machine so i've got a matching pair. it's all about the little things, right?