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rufus xavier sarsaparilla
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April 2012
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rufus xavier sarsaparilla [userpic]

hi LJ!

new stuff:

- new games! picked up 2-player Gauntlet very inexpensively. found a Bosconian so i don't have to mess with the converted cab i was going to restore and can't get artwork for anyway. have an Asteroids Deluxe that is supposed to be showing up tonight, brought directly from California.

April should be slow so i plan on renting a storage unit for a couple of months to stick my extra games into so i can finally make the necessary repairs to the garage. once the repairs are made i'll get started on the transformation of half of the garage into arcade space and eventually my extra games won't be extra anymore.

- new car! bought a 2002 Kia Rio Cinco as something cheap and fuel efficient to drive around. it gets almost twice the gas mileage of the van, and if gas prices continue to hover above $3 a gallon it'll take only about a year to pay for the new car. the van may or may not have a blown head gasket and this'll give us some more time to determine if that's true or not and fix it if it is.

- new night! i'll be DJing on THURSDAY at Norwescon this year.


i sure hope i'll have the time to come and enjoy it.