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rufus xavier sarsaparilla
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rufus xavier sarsaparilla [userpic]
Prices Good All Week!

we finally broke down and got a couple of nice smartphones. we both ended up with G2's since we're with T-Mobile and it's the phone for T-Moblie that gets the best reviews, has 4G, and a sliding keyboard. i don't want to be tapping on the screen all the time with a stylus to send a message. we did sign a new contract but we just added on data service to our old plan which kept the price somewhat lower than what we would have been spending if we went with unlimited text & data for both of us. since we don't text that much and magentbee isn't expecting to use a lot of data it was a compromise to shave $25-$35 off our monthly bill (vs. unlimited.) they'll still throttle my data plan if i use more than 5 gigs but unless i'm doing a lot of tethering it's unlikely i'll get to that point. oh, yeah, and we took advantage of the free smartphone deal though "free" means a 2-month wait for $400 to be returned in rebates.

in other news, i had tacos. and i mowed the lawn and planted two dwarf cherry trees that had been at my mom's but in a poor location so they never grew much. they're now on the south side of our house and should get full sun pretty much fun dawn to dusk so i expect them to take off this spring assuming we don't kill 'em by not watering.

tomorrow i'll actually make it to the Norwescon meeting, then i have to rush home to pick up the boy and take him to grandma and grandpa's to spend the night while Tonya works a charity event. Sunday will start a 5-day run of work for me on a Microsoft show which should be interesting.

blah, up late messing with new phones so to bed now. dump run in the morning. whee!


try swype! i hate online keyboards, generally speaking, but swype rules!!!!