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rufus xavier sarsaparilla
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April 2012
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rufus xavier sarsaparilla [userpic]
Current Use Exemptions

27 hours of work in 2 days... i'm glad i have a couple of days off before the nightmare of the Chinese New Year show on Saturday. next week looks quiet too so i can finally get on some of those larger projects and maybe feel like i'm make progress. going to try to finish Asteroids so i can maybe trade it for the Robocop pin. don't where the heck i'd put a pin but i'll find somewhere, i swear. i mean, it's a freakin' pinball.

anyway, DJing Thursday at Norwescon. can't say i'm happy about the night switch but i gave up control and i'll have to live with that. trying to put together an arcade for the convention which looks like it's coming along. should be a one-time thing, i hope. otherwise, i think this might be the most free time i've had during a Norwescon in quite some time.

yay. need to go to bed now so i can be coherent tomorrow as magentabee has the day off and we have vague plans to do something together at some point before the boy has to be picked up from daycare. not sure yet what, but something. maybe a movie, i dunno.