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rufus xavier sarsaparilla
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finally checking in on LJ and i can only see back to the beginning of the month on my Friends Page. WTF? am i missing some new setting?

also, life. it happens.

hi LJ! i see you're still here.

so it haven't posted to LJ in over 2 months; i'm still reading it every other day though that's usually pretty quick since very few other people are posting to LJ either.

i got an invite to Google+ that worked so now i have an account there though i don't know yet if that'll just be a placeholder for people to find me (like myspace was,) or if i'll actually use it.

anyway, as an update, Norwescon and the NW Pinball and Gameroom Show both went well. there was lots of work in May and June. Sebastian is growing and loves Miyazaki films. loading the pyro barge for the Family 4th was fun if more physical work than i usually do now. my sister is coming to town in a few weeks with her kids and we plan on camping up near the Elwha valley for a few days and i suppose that'll be our "vacation" for the summer. i have tickets to PAX but i don't know if i'm going to go. Christopher Moore rocks and i'm glad i finally got a paperback copy of "Bite Me."

today did not go as planned as i was going to unload the van and get some other stuff worked on. tried to donate blood due to an emergency call from PSBC but that didn't work out (stopped flowing after just a bit and couldn't get it restarted; still have to wait the 56 days until i try again.) drove to Oly to donate, so i had lunch at the Main Street Chinese Buffet in Lacey afterward. not nearly as good as i remember and quite inferior to the Great Wall Buffet not far from my house. found they've changed the packaging on the cheap dress shirts i usually buy at Walmart so i don't know if i bought the right one or not. not feeling well so i canceled plans to see friends tonight, though i may fill that time in with the new Doctor since it's available on demand.

one bright spot was that i did match some screws to repair a Nintendo coin mech which'll be donated to for the NW Pinball and Gameroom Show raffle Donkey Kong machine. all of 38 cents at Tacoma Screw, and that's for twice the amount of hardware i actually needed (i bought two different types since there was no exact duplicate.) i also made the other Nintendo coin mech fit into my newish DK machine so i've got a matching pair. it's all about the little things, right?

we're finally catching up on a few movies. watched "The Princess and the Frog" at Sebastian's instance on the "big screen" (projector) on Saturday. actually pretty good, though it does seem to borrow heavily from Disney animated films of the 60's and 70's.

Sunday magentabee and i watched "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus," which has sat on my shelf longer than any other Gilliam film before being viewed ever, something like 4 months. i enjoyed it like i enjoy nearly any Gilliam movie though i can see where the death of Heath Ledger caused some wrinkles in the storyline that weren't entirely ironed out by release time. overall not one of Gilliam's best but worth a watch for any of his fans.

last night was "Army of Darkness" the director's cut. ok, ok, i get it that Ash is a fan-boy cult hero and it was enjoyable but i think i like the first couple of Evil Dead movies better. then again, it's been almost 20 years since i've seen those so maybe i need to go back and watch those for comparison. anyway, yes it took me this long to see "AoD." and the DVD was rather grainy with a poor transfer and no 5.1. ah, well.

hi LJ!

new stuff:

- new games! picked up 2-player Gauntlet very inexpensively. found a Bosconian so i don't have to mess with the converted cab i was going to restore and can't get artwork for anyway. have an Asteroids Deluxe that is supposed to be showing up tonight, brought directly from California.

April should be slow so i plan on renting a storage unit for a couple of months to stick my extra games into so i can finally make the necessary repairs to the garage. once the repairs are made i'll get started on the transformation of half of the garage into arcade space and eventually my extra games won't be extra anymore.

- new car! bought a 2002 Kia Rio Cinco as something cheap and fuel efficient to drive around. it gets almost twice the gas mileage of the van, and if gas prices continue to hover above $3 a gallon it'll take only about a year to pay for the new car. the van may or may not have a blown head gasket and this'll give us some more time to determine if that's true or not and fix it if it is.

- new night! i'll be DJing on THURSDAY at Norwescon this year.

we finally broke down and got a couple of nice smartphones. we both ended up with G2's since we're with T-Mobile and it's the phone for T-Moblie that gets the best reviews, has 4G, and a sliding keyboard. i don't want to be tapping on the screen all the time with a stylus to send a message. we did sign a new contract but we just added on data service to our old plan which kept the price somewhat lower than what we would have been spending if we went with unlimited text & data for both of us. since we don't text that much and magentbee isn't expecting to use a lot of data it was a compromise to shave $25-$35 off our monthly bill (vs. unlimited.) they'll still throttle my data plan if i use more than 5 gigs but unless i'm doing a lot of tethering it's unlikely i'll get to that point. oh, yeah, and we took advantage of the free smartphone deal though "free" means a 2-month wait for $400 to be returned in rebates.

in other news, i had tacos. and i mowed the lawn and planted two dwarf cherry trees that had been at my mom's but in a poor location so they never grew much. they're now on the south side of our house and should get full sun pretty much fun dawn to dusk so i expect them to take off this spring assuming we don't kill 'em by not watering.

tomorrow i'll actually make it to the Norwescon meeting, then i have to rush home to pick up the boy and take him to grandma and grandpa's to spend the night while Tonya works a charity event. Sunday will start a 5-day run of work for me on a Microsoft show which should be interesting.

blah, up late messing with new phones so to bed now. dump run in the morning. whee!

27 hours of work in 2 days... i'm glad i have a couple of days off before the nightmare of the Chinese New Year show on Saturday. next week looks quiet too so i can finally get on some of those larger projects and maybe feel like i'm make progress. going to try to finish Asteroids so i can maybe trade it for the Robocop pin. don't where the heck i'd put a pin but i'll find somewhere, i swear. i mean, it's a freakin' pinball.

anyway, DJing Thursday at Norwescon. can't say i'm happy about the night switch but i gave up control and i'll have to live with that. trying to put together an arcade for the convention which looks like it's coming along. should be a one-time thing, i hope. otherwise, i think this might be the most free time i've had during a Norwescon in quite some time.

yay. need to go to bed now so i can be coherent tomorrow as magentabee has the day off and we have vague plans to do something together at some point before the boy has to be picked up from daycare. not sure yet what, but something. maybe a movie, i dunno.

an update:

my life is good. mostly great! busy. the boy is doing fine and way too smart for his own good. knows his letters and numbers and he's starting to read a few words. magentabee is having a good time expanding her business and social circles. i have a new laptop, a new Tempest machine, and lots of work. no worries about paying the mortgage which is a relief.

my friend Cody's band the Nightgowns will be playing SXSW and if tickets are cheap enough i may fly down in March to give 'em a hand.... wish i could take them on tour again like i did to California a few summers ago but i don't think i can take that much time off (missing out on work, missing family) and i'm not sure i trust the van to make it to Austin and back. got friends to visit while i'm down there if i can make it which would be a great added bonus (looking squarely at you, ms. grace_batmonkey.)

Pax Prime has switched dates to before Labor Day and i should be able to go. Tonya is psyched about it as well... i think we may need daycare for the weekend.

NW Pinball and Gameroom Show is in the planning stages; set for the weekend of June 3-5. should be awesome like has been the last two years.

Norwescon is coming up in April. looks like i'll be DJing on Thursday night.

i think that's it for now. someday soon i should post something of more substance.

i suppose i shouldn't complain about the lack of material to read on LJ if i don't bother to post myself, but hey, my life is boring and i have nothing interesting to post like the rest of you.

so i'm posting, at least something. even if it's boring.


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