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an update:

my life is good. mostly great! busy. the boy is doing fine and way too smart for his own good. knows his letters and numbers and he's starting to read a few words. magentabee is having a good time expanding her business and social circles. i have a new laptop, a new Tempest machine, and lots of work. no worries about paying the mortgage which is a relief.

my friend Cody's band the Nightgowns will be playing SXSW and if tickets are cheap enough i may fly down in March to give 'em a hand.... wish i could take them on tour again like i did to California a few summers ago but i don't think i can take that much time off (missing out on work, missing family) and i'm not sure i trust the van to make it to Austin and back. got friends to visit while i'm down there if i can make it which would be a great added bonus (looking squarely at you, ms. grace_batmonkey.)

Pax Prime has switched dates to before Labor Day and i should be able to go. Tonya is psyched about it as well... i think we may need daycare for the weekend.

NW Pinball and Gameroom Show is in the planning stages; set for the weekend of June 3-5. should be awesome like has been the last two years.

Norwescon is coming up in April. looks like i'll be DJing on Thursday night.

i think that's it for now. someday soon i should post something of more substance.


it would be great to see you, if you do end up with time!